Permanent Hire

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Yes, it finally happened after 13 months of unemployment, I was hired yesterday as an Operations Assistant for a market research company.

I can’t describe the excitement I felt when I was told.  I was taken a bit by surprise because I was told my appointment was for a second interview with the President of the company.  It was actually just to hear the offer and sign papers and tax forms.  My position is a permanent part-time to full-time with plenty of benefits and a very competitive starting salary.

It is a small business run by someone who values the employee.  That was reassuring to me.  The philosophy of taking care of the employee so they work harder for you is something that seems to be a rare commodity in the days of a bad economy.  In spite of that it seems to be the mantra of this company to be a second family for everyone that works there.  I need that comfort level now, because of being out of the business world for a while.

Now, for the strange part.  I have never been hired by having the President of the company playing a clip from Seinfeld, until now.

When it was over I was told that I was seeing how they aren’t going to hire me, but rather I was told they would like to have me join the company.

Now for the fate of this blog:

I plan to continue, just as I plan to keep  learning to be an excellent assistant.  I am planning another section of the site called Debbie’s Couch.  This will address the emotional price paid by those who are unemployed.  This should be starting up soon, so stop back and see what you think of it.


Potential Employers Are Keeping Me Busy

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Keeping busy is helping me keep up my confidence:

I had an assessment test last week that included MS Word proficiency, applied math, general math, reading, and vocabulary.  Today I have a phone interview with them and I think after that I will have a face to face one. They are the largest employer in Baltimore.

I signed up with a staffing agency last week and I took a typing test, vocabulary, and spelling test.  The person I interviewed with told me to call back Wednesday or Thursday. I remain hopeful.

Tomorrow I have several tests, lasting 3 1/2 hours for one position that will include MS Word proficiency, typing, math (I can bring a calculator), multiple choice exam, situational exam, and letter writing.

Thursday I have a phone interview with a large company in my area.

Next week I have a face to face interview with an organization I had a phone interview with last week.

I have been unemployed for just over 7 months now and this is largest number of interviews I’ve ever had.  My guess is the beginning of the new fiscal year is allowing for hiring.  I believe that my experience and education level will be an advantage during these tests and I remain confident about them all.  I like the chance to be in business environments when I can, the ‘dressing for the part’ idea always helps me, not to mention the chance to speak with other business people.  These things make me feel as though I’m remaining in the loop.

An Interview, Again

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I got a phone call this morning from Apple One, a temp agency, asking me to come in for an interview tomorrow morning.  The job is only for about 6 weeks, but I need anything now.  It’s gotten to the point that just the idea of getting out of the house more than once a week is exciting.

I’m prepping for anything they can throw at me. I also prepare a packet that includes my resume, cover letter, references, letters of recommendation,and proper certificates from trainings and my resume card.  I always hand that to the interviewer saying, “This is what you need to know about my professional background”.

So fingers crossed for tomorrow morning.

The Top 10 (Good) Things About Unemployment

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  1. I can stay up and watch those awful “baby-sitter” movies that I love.
  2. I’m in my lounge-wear a lot, so I don’t have to iron very often.
  3. I can make recipes that are more complex and eat fresher foods because I have the time.
  4. I do any errands or chores at any time and not just between 12:00 and 1:00pm.
  5. I can explore all my hobbies and interests for more than 36 hours (a weekend) at a time.
  6. I can speak to my husband for more than one hour at a time (I don’t how much he likes this…lol)
  7. I only have one phone to answer at any given time.
  8. I really enjoy writing this blog and I have plenty of time to do it.
  9. Finding out that generic products are just as good, and sometimes better, than the more expensive brands
  10. I have time for the online courses to increase my worth as an Admin.

OK gentle readers, as is often case, I’m asking you what you see as good things about your unemployment situation.  Do think I should have a list like this at all?  Take some time to think about it, you may be surprised.

Suggested Websites for the Week of July 10th

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If you missed it last week’s reading, list is here:

  • To keep you happy. A brief article that gets right to the point, keeping a social life while unemployed
  • To share with others. A site of forums that helps, encourages, and gives you a place to rant among other things.
  • To make you feel rich. Research about money and happiness.
  • To make you ponder. This article has something I hadn’t thought of before: the scars of unemployment once you get working again.

That’s it for this week.  See what you like here.  I’d love to hear from you about it.  Remember you can submit a website for the Sunday Readings on my How-To/Forum  page.

Suggested Websites for the Week of July 3rd

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Sunday evenings I’ll be posting some suggested reading and links to explore during the upcoming week. Here are this week’s:

  • To make you angry. This is an An Op/Ed in the New York Times pointing out that making the poor carry a heavy part of the deficit burden is intolerable.
  • To give you hope. I discovered this site years ago.  They don’t worry about “if it bleeds it leads” and they report good news.
  • To make you laugh. Things to make us  S.L.U.G.S. laugh.  You have to go to the site to get the S.L.U.G. definition. Be sure to check out the videos.
  • To make you wonder. Ideas about unemployment in regards to macro & micro-economics.  I don’t agree with everything here, but it’s interesting.
  • To help out. Great site I just discovered.  This links to an essay about ‘Coping’. It has lots of resources not only for jobs, but services.

That’s it for this week. See what you like here. I’d love to hear from you about it.  Remember you can submit a website for the Sunday Readings on my How-To/Forum page.

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