A Busy Week and Another Update

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I was busy throughout the first part of the week, involved in interviews and assessments again.  I like the feeling of having to get up by a certain time, get dressed in business clothing and get into a business mindset.  Sometimes when I have so much to do, it makes me miss employment even more.

One assessment, for a local university, took me a bit by surprise, something I try to avoid as a job seeker.  I was tested on Word, filing, proofing, editing, and typing.  I thought that would be it, I’d go home and wait hopefully by the phone.  This wasn’t the case at all.  I was told to wait as they checked my tests.  Then a woman from HR came out of her office and cheerfully asked me to come and speak with her.  It was then that I realized I was only dressed in business casual and had no copies of my resume, letters of recommendation, or references with me.  This made me more self-conscious.  I was told, “Congratulations you passed the tests”.  A mini interviewed followed with many of the same old questions.  I was thanked and told all information would be passed on to the appropriate department and I would be contacted.

Another part of my week consisted of the epic of applying to a large hospital in my area.  I started writing about this process in my October 11 post.  It is still in process.  This week was with another unit and even included me shadowing one of my bosses on the floor of the unit as the second part of the interview.  This would be my dream job.  I don’t mind jumping through hoops for it, but I’d like to stop the constant meetings and just be hired there!
Now, I’ve saved the best and most interesting part of the week to last.  I was interviewed over the phone by a reporter for MacLean’s Magazine in Canada.  The reporter I spoke with found my blog via Google and was doing an article about unemployment in America.  Admittedly, I was wary at first, but I researched him at the site and on Linked In and everything checked out.  It was great having a chance to voice my opinion and let others know what it’s like to be unemployed for 8 months.  Many aspects of being out of work were discussed from how I’m saving money and my job seeking process to my faith in Washington and support of OWS.  It lasted about 30 minutes and I had a feeling of satisfaction after I hung up for two reasons, the first I already mentioned, getting a chance to get my circumstances out there and the idea that my blog can be found and used productively.

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Websites for the Week of August 21st

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Previous weekly website lists can be found here.

This week is another theme week.  I’ve learned after almost six months of being unemployed that one of the largest budget areas is food.  I don’t know whether a lot of website have popped up because of the need or I just never had the need. This week’s list is became longer than earlier ones so I will probably be doing a Part Two next week. All these websites are now in my bookmarks.

Last week I mentioned a site for planning inexpensive meals.  This week I’d like to add to that list and expand to frugality in general.  Remember once you do get a job, these ideas will continue to help you save.

  • To improve your frugality skills .  Tips and tricks for living the good life on a budget.
  • To have a one-stop website for saving .  This site describes itself as, ‘cheap is good, but free is better’. Tips, tricks, ways to get free samples and printable coupons.
  • To get and share ideas about saving money .  There are two sections to the site that are helpful, the forum for sharing ideas and the blog for learning .
  • To  make saving money as painless as possible.  This site provides help on everything from saving during the holidays to baby care to swapping.
  • To focus on  finance, family,and career.  The site claims to make frugal cool and covers things like 0% credit card transfer to frugal ways to teach your kids to love school.

That’s it for this week. See what you like here.  I’d love to hear from you about it.  This week’s list is on a subject that I really think people can contribute to.  Remember you can submit a website for the Sunday Readings on my How-To/Forum page.

Suggested Websites for the Week of July 10th

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If you missed it last week’s reading, list is here:

  • To keep you happy. A brief article that gets right to the point, keeping a social life while unemployed
  • To share with others. A site of forums that helps, encourages, and gives you a place to rant among other things.
  • To make you feel rich. Research about money and happiness.
  • To make you ponder. This article has something I hadn’t thought of before: the scars of unemployment once you get working again.

That’s it for this week.  See what you like here.  I’d love to hear from you about it.  Remember you can submit a website for the Sunday Readings on my How-To/Forum  page.

Suggested Websites for the Week of July 3rd

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Sunday evenings I’ll be posting some suggested reading and links to explore during the upcoming week. Here are this week’s:

  • To make you angry. This is an An Op/Ed in the New York Times pointing out that making the poor carry a heavy part of the deficit burden is intolerable.
  • To give you hope. I discovered this site years ago.  They don’t worry about “if it bleeds it leads” and they report good news.
  • To make you laugh. Things to make us  S.L.U.G.S. laugh.  You have to go to the site to get the S.L.U.G. definition. Be sure to check out the videos.
  • To make you wonder. Ideas about unemployment in regards to macro & micro-economics.  I don’t agree with everything here, but it’s interesting.
  • To help out. Great site I just discovered.  This links to an essay about ‘Coping’. It has lots of resources not only for jobs, but services.

That’s it for this week. See what you like here. I’d love to hear from you about it.  Remember you can submit a website for the Sunday Readings on my How-To/Forum page.

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Today’s Feature

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It’s funny that I started this blog as a way to showcase my work and work ethics and I’m turning into an advocate. Enjoy today’s YouTube presentation.

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