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When things aren’t going as well as I had hoped daydreaming helps a little.  I don’t think I’m in denial, it just keeps me from getting too down. Psychology Today says that a lot of people won’t even talk about daydreaming because of shame and guilt based on others believing it’s a bad thing. It has actually been shown that daydreaming is an extremely creative process.  It can be helpful because active visualization can help you problem solve. I guess I’m one of those people who doesn’t mind sharing their daydreams.  This is my most recent:

I bought a lottery ticket the other day and I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing it more and more any time I have an extra buck or two.

What if I really won?  What would I do?

These are the top things that came to mind. These are after my knees buckle and I cry.

Sure money doesn’t buy you happiness, but without it, there sure is a lot of misery.


  • Scream, yell, and hug my husband assuring him that everything will be all right
  • Call our daughter, scream, yell, and tell her everything will be all right.
  • Take a deep breath (and tell myself everything will be all right.)
  • Call my two best friends, scream yell, and make plans to see each other.
  • Call my attorney.
  • Call my broker and financial advisor.
  • Call my bank.
  • Call the lottery agency.
  • Take another deep breath.
  • Go to any of my favorite expensive restaurants.
  • Get all bills and loans together and plan the payoff.
  • Pay off the rest of the lease and buy/or build the dream house we’ve planned.
  • Set up a fund for homeless housing in the county I used to work in.
  • Get everything to really trick out my 2010 Mustang.
  • Take the Caribbean cruise we had to cancel two years ago.
  • Buy some health insurance.
  • Start planning my set up to become self-employed as a (part-time?) Professional Organizer.
  • Change the name of my blog to ‘Debbie’s Reprieve’.

Finally, fall asleep with a smile on my face, in my husband’s arms, without one thought to keep me up all night.

What would you do if you won the lottery?  Take that extra dollar and good luck!


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The Top 10 (Good) Things About Unemployment

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  1. I can stay up and watch those awful “baby-sitter” movies that I love.
  2. I’m in my lounge-wear a lot, so I don’t have to iron very often.
  3. I can make recipes that are more complex and eat fresher foods because I have the time.
  4. I do any errands or chores at any time and not just between 12:00 and 1:00pm.
  5. I can explore all my hobbies and interests for more than 36 hours (a weekend) at a time.
  6. I can speak to my husband for more than one hour at a time (I don’t how much he likes this…lol)
  7. I only have one phone to answer at any given time.
  8. I really enjoy writing this blog and I have plenty of time to do it.
  9. Finding out that generic products are just as good, and sometimes better, than the more expensive brands
  10. I have time for the online courses to increase my worth as an Admin.

OK gentle readers, as is often case, I’m asking you what you see as good things about your unemployment situation.  Do think I should have a list like this at all?  Take some time to think about it, you may be surprised.

Lend A Hand-Volunteer

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Repeatedly it’s recommended that while you’re unemployed to spend your free time volunteering.  It’s valuable on so many levels including looking good on a resume, getting you out of the house and keeping unemployment off your mind for a couple of hours, finally it’s just knowing you did a good thing.

If you need some ideas of what to do below are some sites that I’ve visited.  You can search by area, using your zip code, or by a category.  Some even have openings using the talents you have from your career history.  For example, I’ve signed up with one that needed a volunteer Admin.

Go ahead to something good and don’t forget to add it to your resume!

Information from other sites

A Friend’s Insight

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In my post about the stages of grief, I mention concrete models, principles, and stages.  A former co-worker read my post and was prompted to write me an e-mail.  She left the organization about a year ago and is aware of my current situation.  She gave me some insight on what I may be feeling now.  Her words made me stop and think.  The first she brought up was something her mother said: “You are always where you are supposed to be.”  I loved how she expanded on it “whether it’s behind a big truck in a traffic jam on f-ing 95 north, or bored to tears in a training, or having amazing sex with someone you love”.  You know, sometimes moms do get it right, whether they’re yours or not.

She also told me to “take in the moment”.  There are many things I have to remind myself and believe in.  That we will on move on from this.  That there are reasons why we are here, now.  That we heal.

Do you have any words of wisdom that are keeping you going or you remember when things are going all wrong?  Share with us.

Finally, good luck to everyone looking for a job out there.  When you get the good news, don’t forget to share it here.

Inspiration-Whenever You Need It

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Just watch this and smile

The Little Things Are Much More Now

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Today we had a new TV delivered and it was wonderful. Of course we’re not buying a new TV while unemployed, it was free.  Our old television, only a year old, had the LED screen go bad.  The repair staff came out and tried to fix it, but eventually it was decided it would be better if it were just replaced.  We don’t normally buy extended warranties, but this time we did.  So we got a newer, flat screen, 3-D ready, very cool Samsung TV.

Being unemployed these days means not that much to be happy about comes our way. We felt absolutely elated! Normally this would be just a fact of life and the day would go on.  It felt like a windfall to me.  It made me think for a moment that things weren’t going to be so bad.

For a moment….these days, savor those “little things”.

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