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I started Debbie’s Desk because I wanted to build a professional portfolio.  I want to get my brand out to employers who could benefit from my experience and services. I will consistently prove those abilities through work scenarios and useful lessons learned in trainings, seminars and conferences.  I also want to reach out to anyone else in my situation so we can share tips, tricks, and opinions about job seeking and unemployment.  I  respect any suggestions and views and will share them with my readers.

Right now I’m an unemployed expert Administrative Assistant.  Organization and detail are my middle names and without a job to go to I’m becoming more and more frustrated.  Now I have plenty of time, at least in-between interviews and applications, to get do the things I would usually wait until the weekend to do.  I’m enjoying nature photography, reading, cross-stitching, and cooking.  None of this seems the same without the work to balance my life.

I’m an Admin and as such I love lists.  Here is my top 10 About Me, in no particular order

  1. I’m an unemployed Administrative Assistant.
  2. My blogging is a networking tool to get myself “out there”.
  3. I want a job.
  4. We have a wonderful daughter that’s flown the nest.
  5. I relax by cross-stitching, something that can frustrate most people.
  6. I’m college educated and have vowed never to stop learning or enjoying new things.
  7. Oh yeah, I want a job.
  8. I read my horoscope (Leo)
  9. I also read plenty of real books (no Kindle for me) and magazines.
  10. Did I mention that I want a job?

I live here and I want to work here:

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