Potential Employers Are Keeping Me Busy

October 11, 2011 at 2:06 pm | Posted in Interviewing, Job Search | Leave a comment
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Keeping busy is helping me keep up my confidence:

I had an assessment test last week that included MS Word proficiency, applied math, general math, reading, and vocabulary.  Today I have a phone interview with them and I think after that I will have a face to face one. They are the largest employer in Baltimore.

I signed up with a staffing agency last week and I took a typing test, vocabulary, and spelling test.  The person I interviewed with told me to call back Wednesday or Thursday. I remain hopeful.

Tomorrow I have several tests, lasting 3 1/2 hours for one position that will include MS Word proficiency, typing, math (I can bring a calculator), multiple choice exam, situational exam, and letter writing.

Thursday I have a phone interview with a large company in my area.

Next week I have a face to face interview with an organization I had a phone interview with last week.

I have been unemployed for just over 7 months now and this is largest number of interviews I’ve ever had.  My guess is the beginning of the new fiscal year is allowing for hiring.  I believe that my experience and education level will be an advantage during these tests and I remain confident about them all.  I like the chance to be in business environments when I can, the ‘dressing for the part’ idea always helps me, not to mention the chance to speak with other business people.  These things make me feel as though I’m remaining in the loop.


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