Rejected – And Again

September 16, 2011 at 1:59 pm | Posted in Interviewing, Job Search | Leave a comment

After only one week, I received a rejection notice via e-mail from the prep school I applied to last week.  This was a panel interview where I got three different feelings, one from each interviewer.  The HR person, was the most engaging and friendly, she asked most of the usual, but less intimidating questions.  The Accountant, who would be the second person I would assist didn’t seem very interested at all, she answered my questions clearly enough, but didn’t ask much of me.  The Director of Finance, the person I would report to directly, was very ‘severe’ in her line of questioning, asked the more intimidating questions including, “Why didn’t you move ahead in the field you got your degree in?”  That was a new one for me.  I couldn’t really read how the interview went, obviously it didn’t go well enough for me to get the job. I think that’s one thing I like the least about panel interviews, different personalities to connect with.  The better I read someone, the better I connect, and the more I can tell the best way to sell “me”.  It gives me a head start if I’m hired in my relationship with the person I’m supporting and assisting.

I must say that the letter I received was refreshing, it was personally written to me and I appreciated the feedback.  When I do get a rejection via e-mail I reply with a thank you and a request that they keep my resume and application materials on file. Interesting it’s the two schools that I’ve applied to that have seemed to have the common courtesy of contacting me personally, the first by phone while he was on vacation.


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