Websites for the Week of September 4th

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Previous weekly website lists can be found here.

I’m doing a theme again this week.  I like the idea and will probably do this from now on.  If you have an idea for a theme, or any suggestion for a website you can send them along here.
This week, I’m focusing on my fellow administrative assistants.  Below are some of the better sites, other than mine of course, that help unemployed admins.
I am assuming that most you have done what you need to do on Linked In, Indeed, CareerBuilder, other job boards, and temp agencies.  This may help you go one step further.

  • If you need to make a change.  As an administrative assistant, you may have skills you’ve never thought of.  You may have many more career choices than you realize.
  • If you want more admin resources.  A simple site full of links to resources, professional organizations, and career links.
  • If you want to replace all those tools in your toolbox with just one.  This site helps whether you’re employed or not. Skills, resources, trainings, and creativity are all covered here. Plus there’s an iPhone app that includes all the information on the site.
  • Just when you think you’ve looked at all the job sites.  This is not only an employment sight, but a great community. It’s called the administrative arts, it makes me feel better whenever I visit it.

That’s it for this week. See what you like here. I’d love to hear from you about it. This week’s list is on a subject that I really think people can contribute to. Remember you can submit a website for the Sunday Readings on my How-To/Forum page.

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