But, What Do You Really Do?

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I think when it gets down to it; an Administrative Assistant is the person in the office that is truly a “jack of all trades” and maybe even a master of few.  It’s a different kind of challenge to meet when I’m asked about my job duties during an interview.  I want to be brief and stay within the constraint resumes and cover letters afford.
The shorter more formal explanation of these duties on my Resume/Skills page.

So if I had the chance to tell a prospective employer I would tell them “what I really did”  Some, maybe most, will sound like small or trivial things, but if you work in an office, think about those small things you couldn’t do without, your administrative assistant does.
Additional duties as needed:

  • Team cheerleader.
  • Surprise breakfast or lunch provider.
  • Coverage for co-workers so they can talk to mom, spouse, or kids on the phone.
  • Offer shoulder to cry on.
  • Provide pillow to bitch in to.
  • Live and interactive business calendar and task list
  • Holiday decoration specialist
  • General understudy/pinch-hitter/relief-pitcher
  • Staff early warning system
  • Wheel re-greaser

I was able to roll all these skills into one, making me the  ever-present and always ready assistant.

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