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“You were our strong and second choice”.

These days, nothings brings me down faster than that phrase.  I just got the call from the lab school I applied to and they told me that.  So far, with all my applications, this was the job I really wanted. When I asked why I wasn’t chosen it made perfect sense to me, the other candidate had experience with children in a school setting.  I couldn’t fight that one.

This isn’t my first rejection by any means, but it’s the first one that really seemed to punch me in the gut.  I even made the mistake of not accepting an interview for a six-week temp job I was so sure I’d get this job.

I try to look for those silver linings, this time it was tough, but at least this person called me, and he was on vacation.  He spent time speaking with me and didn’t have any problem when I asked why they didn’t go with me.  It was refreshing considering some of my previous experiences.  I even wrote about the decline of common courtesy these days in this blog.

So it’s time to take a breath, pick myself up, and start (or continue) all over again.

Illegitimi non carborundum !



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  1. I’ve been checking back to see how this interview would work out for you. So sorry you didn’t get the job! I know the feeling. I went all the way to Cayes, Haiti last February for an interview. I was perfect for the job and was almost positive they’d go with me. It was a huge blow when they informed me that I didn’t get the position. I choose to believe this means there is something better waiting for you!

    • I agree with you about keeping in mind that there’s something better out there. I do try to do that most every time, this one was a bit tougher. And thank you for your good thoughts, they’re helpful.

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