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July 7, 2011 at 1:11 pm | Posted in Daily Life, Positive | Leave a comment
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In my post about the stages of grief, I mention concrete models, principles, and stages.  A former co-worker read my post and was prompted to write me an e-mail.  She left the organization about a year ago and is aware of my current situation.  She gave me some insight on what I may be feeling now.  Her words made me stop and think.  The first she brought up was something her mother said: “You are always where you are supposed to be.”  I loved how she expanded on it “whether it’s behind a big truck in a traffic jam on f-ing 95 north, or bored to tears in a training, or having amazing sex with someone you love”.  You know, sometimes moms do get it right, whether they’re yours or not.

She also told me to “take in the moment”.  There are many things I have to remind myself and believe in.  That we will on move on from this.  That there are reasons why we are here, now.  That we heal.

Do you have any words of wisdom that are keeping you going or you remember when things are going all wrong?  Share with us.

Finally, good luck to everyone looking for a job out there.  When you get the good news, don’t forget to share it here.


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