Work Scenario #2 – Meetings

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Disclaimer: So that some work scenarios make more sense, I’d like to describe the organization I worked for. A mobile mental health team served severe and persistent mentally ill people in a county in Maryland. Some descriptions may seem vague or cryptic, it is to preserve the identity of clients, organization, and co-workers. Some documents are redacted via pixelation. My specific duties will always remain intact.

As part of my daily routine, I directed the morning team meetings.  These meetings included the full staff of our office.  I believe these meetings transmitted some of the most important information of the day.
The information for each client, usually around 100 individuals, that was disseminated included: appointments, medication distribution, mental status, transportation needs, and housing needs, to name a few.
I helped to develop a way to keep this information clear, concise, and complete (my three C’s)
Clients had a monthly calendar I created with their name on it.  I went through the book of these calendars and recorded all pertinent information.  This included appointment times and who was seeing them, days medication was distributed or needed to be, reports of a change in mental status, any hospitalizations, and pertinent somatic information, substance abuse problems and on call events, and precautions the staff needs to take, just to name a few.  There were aspects of the information that needed to be included in monthly outcomes and yearly audits.  My contributions in these will be described in separate work scenario posts.
I was consistently able to keep the meeting moving to fit into our scheduled one-hour sessions and keep the information that inevitably would be needed that day, most times by me, to handle phone calls and questions.  I was able to quickly record all the particulars, no editing was necessary, and all information was available on all clients immediately after the meeting.
This meticulous recording was an asset to the team and the upper management that I had to report to monthly.

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