The Little Things Are Much More Now

June 15, 2011 at 5:28 pm | Posted in Daily Life | 2 Comments
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Today we had a new TV delivered and it was wonderful. Of course we’re not buying a new TV while unemployed, it was free.  Our old television, only a year old, had the LED screen go bad.  The repair staff came out and tried to fix it, but eventually it was decided it would be better if it were just replaced.  We don’t normally buy extended warranties, but this time we did.  So we got a newer, flat screen, 3-D ready, very cool Samsung TV.

Being unemployed these days means not that much to be happy about comes our way. We felt absolutely elated! Normally this would be just a fact of life and the day would go on.  It felt like a windfall to me.  It made me think for a moment that things weren’t going to be so bad.

For a moment….these days, savor those “little things”.

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  1. It’s so true about appreciating the things you once took for granted. I’ve realized that the more one suffers, the more one enjoys relief when it finally comes. For example, have you ever noticed how sweet and delicious a cool glass of water is when you’re parched with thirst? Any other time, it’s just a boring glass of water. I spend a lot of time in Haiti. When I come home, I always spend the first couple of weeks feeling so amazed and thankful that all I have to do is flip a switch, and I have light in the darkness, or when I’m dirty all I have to do is step into the shower and turn on the water. In Haiti, I have to get a bucket, walk to the nearest water source, fill the bucket, lug it back home, get a cup and splash water over myself to bathe. Even simple things like drinking water when I’m thirsty or food when I’m hungry is problematic in Haiti!

    I’m glad you were able to enjoy your NEW t.v. and even more glad that it cost you nothing! I hope you get good news about your interview soon!

  2. Yep, sometimes I think isn’t it too bad that it always seems to take circumstances like this for people to realize who lucky they are. Same with disasters, when people are so selfless and help out their neighbors. Wouldn’t the world be great if we could always do that? It sure would make unemployment less painful.

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