Work Scenario #1 – Parkinson’s Law

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At the beginning of my most recent job, one thing I learned reminded me of the best way to do my job.  It is Parkinson’s Law, which states:

Work expands to the amount of time provided for its accomplishment.

This brief, and true, statement helped me to create a more productive environment and therefore become a better Admin.
This law is aimed towards procrastination.  Procrastination makes you look and feel bad and there are plenty of reasons for it, fear of failure, and fear of success, not wanting to ask for clarification because information about the task is too vague, or you just don’t know where to start.

The best example was when I was asked to be responsible for the Quality and Assurance aspect of our patient’s files.  I could tell that my procrastination was beginning and that it was a fear of failure.  I had never been asked to do this kind of task and I had no training for it.  As everyone feels at sometime at work, I felt I had more than enough responsibilities at that moment.  Soon I realized I had a new assignment and that’s when I got down to work.

The first step I decided to take was creating a protocol for the filing and how the patient’s caseworkers would help.  This included a checklist of all items that should be included in the chart and what section they belong in, then a binder to keep this information so it could be referenced when needed, and a place for the case workers to describe how they would get any information missing from the chart.
Whenever new protocols are implemented, it always becomes a work in progress and nothing was different with this one.  This is where your team can be very helpful, sometimes with out even knowing it.  We started to have a problem with information and papers just being dropped into a chart without it being placed in the correct section.  I solved this by making clasp envelopes with the patient’s names on them and placing them inside the chart.  That way if the case worker did not have time the papers could be put in the envelope.  It kept things neater and was a reminder that there was still filing to do.

Finally, at least for a while, I changed my schedule to four 10-hour days.  That way I would not be interrupted by walk-ins or phone calls and it gave me a chance to audit the files for an extra 2 hours each day I worked.

As an email from the Kudos folder I keep shows below, it all worked out well.

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